lunedì 27 giugno 2011

i'm baaaccckkk....Thinking about France!

Hi everybody, i'm back!
Sorry for not posting anything during this week but i was soooo busy with my work.
Ok so this week i manage to go run every day except for sunday.
The sad thing is that i'm not doing very well with the food.
I was very very busy and i didn't care very much about the calories intake.
Today i'm not feeling very well and it's very hot like 30° so i don't feel to go running, don't know if i'm going.
I'm sooo tired, my baby kept me awake almost all night he was too active to go to bed.
On saturday we went with our friends that has a little girl, younger than my baby boy to the swimming pool, he had such of fun that he felt excited all weekend, that's why he didn't sleep last night!
So this week we are planning where to go for the holidays, my friend that has a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L (let me say it loud) here is the link , please visit her blog because she has the most brilliant ideas, edited a post to help me find the right place to go with my baby, so we can relax and enjoy a quality time all together as a family!
She had such amazing ideas for us that i think i'll follow her's advices!
So please take a look if you don't know where to go.... low budget ideas......;-)
Isn't she great??

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