mercoledì 17 agosto 2011

What the hell is wrong with the World??

Why this question you might think.....
Well, everything begane the other day.
I'm home for the hollydays so i went to the bookstore, the little one inside the old Lucca that's smells like old books ,and humidity is so high you can feel it in the air and ( see it on the walls ;-) ), the only bookstore in Lucca that has everything dispite the big ones where i usually can't find anything!
I wasn't really searching for anything in particular but because i'd always love to read about middle east , their coltures, their history, their beautiful places, i'm always trying to find books that talks about it, but it's hard to find those book here, maybe Italians don't match the target of those Editors, maybe Italians thinks that those Topics are so far from them that they don't have to worry about it, well i cannot explain why but the only books i have are either bought on the Internet or in Canada.
So i Found this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G book!

Con il Vento nei Capelli (The Wind in my Hair) by Salwa Salem

This book is such an amazing view from a living abroad Palestinian that had struggle all her life with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, i'm stun about how those two coltures can live constantly under this ugly war and i'm so angry because the all world seems like forgetting day after day about this situation that we cause with our decisions after the WORLD WAR II .
I'm angry even because there is a big lack of information about this conflict.

So the other night i was on Twitter and i was surfing with no intention and i bump into #gaza, i find this great You Tube Video that talks about Rafah border that is supposed to be open for the Palestinians but in  facts there isn't!
Why nobody is talking about this in the Media?????
This video is being made by this brilliant Gaza girl that has a Twitter Account and an amazing site

I red all her tweets and i'm very very impressed by how she manage to live and study under continues attacks by Israel .

So i encourage everybody to be more aware of what is happening around us and i pray one day that the Media would really keep us updated about the World's facts!!!!

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