lunedì 27 giugno 2011

i'm baaaccckkk....Thinking about France!

Hi everybody, i'm back!
Sorry for not posting anything during this week but i was soooo busy with my work.
Ok so this week i manage to go run every day except for sunday.
The sad thing is that i'm not doing very well with the food.
I was very very busy and i didn't care very much about the calories intake.
Today i'm not feeling very well and it's very hot like 30° so i don't feel to go running, don't know if i'm going.
I'm sooo tired, my baby kept me awake almost all night he was too active to go to bed.
On saturday we went with our friends that has a little girl, younger than my baby boy to the swimming pool, he had such of fun that he felt excited all weekend, that's why he didn't sleep last night!
So this week we are planning where to go for the holidays, my friend that has a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L (let me say it loud) here is the link , please visit her blog because she has the most brilliant ideas, edited a post to help me find the right place to go with my baby, so we can relax and enjoy a quality time all together as a family!
She had such amazing ideas for us that i think i'll follow her's advices!
So please take a look if you don't know where to go.... low budget ideas......;-)
Isn't she great??

venerdì 17 giugno 2011


Hi everyone!so today i'm going to update really quick by my phone 'cause I had such a buisy day!! Today I went running and i'm so happy about my improvement!!! Today it's exactly a week that I start working out. Last friday I was able to run only 2 minutes and then I had to rest for at least 3 minutes. Today after a week I can run for 11 minutes and then rest for 2. I ran for 30 minutes in total. I'm so happy I don't even have words to describe how I feel. It was so many years that I stop working out that it's just amazing to me to be able to increase daily! Now I have to go cause my baby want to play!! Bye nighty night!!

mercoledì 15 giugno 2011

All by my self!!

Today, It was my big day, the day of truth, i went running all by my self for the first time!!
Yes, i did it!!!!
I ran for 23 minutes by the river, i looooveeee that place is sooo calming, but it was so hot, it was 40° in the sun i was so hot when i came back i had to take two showers!
I hope so much to be able to increase my running time but it's so hard!
I really don't like working out but i know that i have to!
To the contrary i really like the feeling after the run, it's like been purified of all the bad toxin!
To be onest i lie, i wasn't alone i was with:
Ihihih this is my brand new bluethooth for my Iphone 4!!!

Looooovvveeeee it!!!!
It helped me soooo much to listen to music while i was running!
It's awsome!

And i even order on the apple store the armband for my Iphone so i didn't have to hold it in my hand!
Shipping extimated in TOMORROW , they are sooo fast!
I can't wait for my new item to be here!

Today's meals:


Whole Wheat toast with low fat peanut butter with diet strawberry jam


Whole Wheat toast with Prosciutto crudo withiou fat


Fitness bar


Pizza Margheritaaaaaa

tonight for the first time in months i, my baby and my beautiful man, are going out for dinner!!!
Can't wait!!!

that's all for now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!byeeeeeeeeee

lunedì 13 giugno 2011


Today, after a weekend of doing nothing, i went running by the river with my friend!!!
i went running on friday last week but for two days i was hurting everywhere, but today i improve from 15 minutes to 20 minutes of running and 40 minutes of walking!!
Now few hours went by and i still didn't feel any pain at all!
it was such an amazing day for me!!
i feel very good to be able to run for that LONG!!!

Today's meals!!


Cherrios whole wheat with low-fat Soy Vanilla milk


Salad with barley and black olives




Low Fat Sloppy Joe

that's all for now!!! bye bye

giovedì 9 giugno 2011

waallllllkkkk baby waaalllkkkk!!!!!

ok so enother day went by and i'm feeling tired because of my real first workout!!!
Today i went walking with a friend along the river, we walked 4km at 3.7 mphs and we burnt 457 calories it was a really nice workout.
I'm thinking of joining a gym class on monday but i'm afraid i'll get bored and drop the gym!

today i ate:


Green Tea
oats with low fat yougurth


Fitness nestlè bar


Fitness Bar


Chicken Brest with Red Bell Peppers
Green Tea

That's all for now!! hugges!

mercoledì 8 giugno 2011

may i introduce my self??!!!

Good afternoon everybody!!!!!!
May i introduce my self???
Hi my name is stefania, i'm 25 years old and i'm a mother of a one b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l little boy.
I live in italy (so excuse me in advance for my baaaddddd english but i hope you can understand anyway)
I started this blog to share with people a little of my life and especially my battle with weight!
i' m 5ft 3 tall and weight 165 lb, my goal is to reach 132lb.
i've been dieting all my life and never succed until one day when i heard a "click" in my head, i really don't know what whappend that day i still couldn't figure out, but that day i decide that i had enough!
I had enough of feeling bad about my self, i had enough of the mean comments, i had enough of not be able to enjoy anything anymore! at that time i reach 195lbs.
In three months i manage to lose 30lbs but i quit dieting for no reason.
The good thing is that i was blessed not to gain any pounds again because i still at this days eat pretty well but because i don't like to workout i stopped going to the gym and that's way i don't lose pounds anymore.

But now i feel that i need a fresh start! i had my baby and i want to teach him how to stay healthy and not have to struggle like me with weight!!

Just yesterday i  had sign Bob Greene online health program called The Best Life.
The goal is to learn how to eat better and to exercise on a regular basis for good.
I will tell you more about that program in next posts!

I really hope this blog would keep me on track and help others to begin this journey.

For now i post you what i'm going to eat today:


Muesli with low fat Yogurt and frozen berries

Green tea


Grilled chicken with spinach

Espresso coffee


Espresso coffeee ( i now we, all italians have big big problems quitting espresso)

1 apple


Whole Wheat Spaghetti with a tuna sauce and basil

1 apple

American Coffee


3500 steps all day ( i know , it's not enough but i didn't find the time to exercise today)

That's all for now! kisses to those in my same position!