mercoledì 15 giugno 2011

All by my self!!

Today, It was my big day, the day of truth, i went running all by my self for the first time!!
Yes, i did it!!!!
I ran for 23 minutes by the river, i looooveeee that place is sooo calming, but it was so hot, it was 40° in the sun i was so hot when i came back i had to take two showers!
I hope so much to be able to increase my running time but it's so hard!
I really don't like working out but i know that i have to!
To the contrary i really like the feeling after the run, it's like been purified of all the bad toxin!
To be onest i lie, i wasn't alone i was with:
Ihihih this is my brand new bluethooth for my Iphone 4!!!

Looooovvveeeee it!!!!
It helped me soooo much to listen to music while i was running!
It's awsome!

And i even order on the apple store the armband for my Iphone so i didn't have to hold it in my hand!
Shipping extimated in TOMORROW , they are sooo fast!
I can't wait for my new item to be here!

Today's meals:


Whole Wheat toast with low fat peanut butter with diet strawberry jam


Whole Wheat toast with Prosciutto crudo withiou fat


Fitness bar


Pizza Margheritaaaaaa

tonight for the first time in months i, my baby and my beautiful man, are going out for dinner!!!
Can't wait!!!

that's all for now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!byeeeeeeeeee

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